Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yes, We're Still Here!

Hello everyone! Sorry I know it has been a while since we have written anything on our blog. Unfortunately our free time shrunk this past week getting settled in with all the little work details. But I am here to say we did not fall off the face of this earth:) 

This past week was quite eventful and we daily saw glimpses of God's goodness to us. Ryan started his job this past Monday and right away he was put to work. He is working for a company called Market Creations. They help other business's promote themselves better by setting up websites and designing logos and other things:) So far he has really enjoyed working with his co-workers. One of his many jobs right now is to create the website for the  Buccaneer's. He will pretty much oversee the whole thing, write most of the articles, update information throughout the season and just make it look spectacular!!:) It is a great company to work for and it will give him great international business and public relations experience! Not only is he working hard at Market Creations, he is also working hard practicing for basketball- the reason we came out here! The team practices about 3-4 times a week and Ryan does his own workout everyday to continue to work on his game. 
    He is enjoying getting to know his teammates, coaches and co-workers. They both have been extremely helpful as we are settling in but we have also learned that these next few months will be a great challenge in our faith. None of the players or people we work with are believers, so we understand that we must constantly be aware of how we are living and acting. We are both praying for those moments where we can share the gospel verbally, but we are also praying we keep our testimony pure as we daily interact with each one of them.  
    Like I said earlier, we have really seen glimpses of God's goodness in the last week. When we got here, I had a job at a local surf shop lined up for me. A little over a week ago I met with the owner of the shop and they told me they were not able to get me work for about another month due to their store moving across the street. They were remodeling  and expanding. This wasn't really something we expected, but it wasn't the end of the world either because Ryan was starting work on the next Monday. 
    Meanwhile, Ryan had a work dinner the Saturday before his first day at work. A girl that he would be working with overheard a conversation we had about me not working for another month. The next day we get a knock on our door and this lady from who knows where comes barging in our home. She told us that her office needed a secretary since their recent admin just left and they needed me for about a month until they hire a new admin. In other words, I would be considered what they call a "casual" worker. It turns out that this lady was the mother of the girl who works with Ryan!---If I haven't told you before, the people here are extremely helpful and will spread the word to anyone to make sure you are getting what you need!---Apparently she had received my resume from a line of people from the surf shop. Long story short, I have a secretary job at the Geraldton Nursing Home until I start up at the surf shop!...Like Ryan none of my co-workers are believers, so we covet your prayers and we try and be Christ-like examples to those around us.
    For those of you who didn't know, we are living with roommates. This is another witnessing opportunity that God has put in our path. We have 3 other people in our home; a local import and his girlfriend and another American import from New Jersey. Although it would be wonderful to have our own space, we are so excited about this opportunity to share what a Christ-centered marriage/relationship looks like to each of these people. God has truly been good to us and has provided for us in so many ways. We have no reason to complain! He has even given us very clean and organized roommates and we are very thankful for that:)!! I might be the cleanest house you'll ever see for 5 college age people:) We were also given an extra refrigerator because of all the big-eating men in our house; we didn't have enough room for all the food in just one fridge!:)
    These first few weeks have really been tremendous and we feel challenged in our faith in all different areas! We are excited to see how the rest of our time here goes and how the Lord will grow us! This is a bit longer than the other blogs but I hope you read it all and enjoyed our update! Thanks for all the birthday wishes too! We will tell you all about our birthday trip in Kalbarri in the next blog. It truly is beautiful here!!! 
And yes I know you are all waiting for those pictures!:) Due to the slower internet here, we are experiencing technical difficulties:) Hopefully we can figure it out soon!!
As for now, we want to hear from all of you!!! Our email is RSZamroz@gmail.com or find us on facebook!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Geraldton: Home Sweet Home

Right now I'm in the gym office (where the internet access is) while Ryan takes a photo and does some shooting for a while. Everything went well with the flights although it was very long. We have kankles from being in the air for so long! haha:) Yesterday we pretty much just drove around to see the town and check out the gym. The town is very cute. It looks a little run down, almost like a mexico feel but in a very clean way:) ...Ryan met all the players at their practice but didn't work out because we went to bed pretty much right away like around 9pm. We ended up getting the extra room so we have to share the bathroom with the other import which is kind of disappointing but I'm sure it will work out fine....We woke up at like 5am b/c we couldn't sleep any longer:) So we organized our room and put most of our clothing away. 

Our house is really big, but the rooms are kind of small. There is hardly anything in it either, but thats okay we have all the necessities:) There are tons of huge windows like a beach house so its very open. The backyard is huge and everything seems kind of tropical-ish almost...there are palm trees and it smells like the beach and its warm and humid when you walk out the door. It reminds me of a mix between what Costa Rica was like and San Diego.We can see a little sliver of the beach from our house and its probably a long 5 min or so walk to the beach.  I'm taking lots of pictures so you can see everything and I'll post them soon! 

This morning Scott (the General Manager) picked us up to get some things done. We were able to get our car:)......a brand new white camry!!!!haha!! We have also had the wonderful experience of driving on the wrong side of the road! Its quite entertaining:) everytime we change lanes or get ready to turn  the windshield wipers go on:)lol The blinker is on the other side and we tend to forget that:) 

After all that we were able to go to the bank and get a bank account and our cellphones all figured out. Ryan's # is 0448367271 and my # is 0448373232...in case you need them for emergency or a short call. Apparently its cheaper if you call us from a landline and I think we can call you but we have limited minutes. But we will figure that out for sure later!:)

After we got our car Ryan and I went to the grocery store to pick up some food and we went to get some meat and cheese at the deli for sandwiches but everything is in kilograms and liters and everything else I don't know what its means. haha but we finally figured it out! Its funny seeing people around here too because they are all really tan and sandy blonde hair. They all walk around barefoot and in their swim trunks; even in the grocery store:) 

Hope to continue to keep you all updated!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog

We recently received an email from a basketball team in Geraldton, WA, Australia. The general manager of the team has asked Ryan to be a part of their 2010 season starting this coming March. We decided to take the call and we already leave this Saturday, the 6th of February!! We are extremely excited to see what the Lord has in store for us and how he will use us here. This week, following up to our flight, we are trying to get our packing under way and work our last few days at our jobs. We really see the Lord at work in preparing us with all the little details and plans.