Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick Update

Hey Everyone.

The Buccs won both games this past weekend and are now tied for 1st place!  We are currently just over half way through the season and the team keeps getting stronger and stronger.  Its an exciting time for us and the club. 

Stacy's parents arrived in Australia last Wednesday in Brisbane and Stacy flew out to meet them.  They have spent the last few days exploring the east coast of Australia.  They have seen Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and they are currently on their way to Melbourne.  So all of you who are wondering if they made it here safely and what they are doing, the news is all good!

They spent the most time in Sydney over the last day and a half.  They took tours all around the city and were able to see much of it before moving on to the next site to see.  Stacy said that Sydney was a really cool city and reminder her of different cities in the US.  I'm sure once the big trip is all done that Stacy will write a huge blog about all her that she has seen.  She said she has been taking tons of photos so I am sure we will get them up on the site eventually.  We have been trying to get photos on, the internet is just not great here and it takes a long time for them to upload, so as soon as we can find a substantial amount of time to sit on the internet and let them load, more pictures will be up.

Life without Stacy for a week and a half has been going ok so far.  I definitely can't wait till her and her parents get to Western Australia and I can also spend a little time site seeing.  Plus I have to cook and clean the dishes now which is not my expertise :)

Hope everyone is doing well, you are in our thoughts and prayers!  I'm sure once Stacy and her parents return they will have much to say about their trip and we will try and put as much on here as possible!