Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Layover

Layovers are not on the top of my list for most enjoyable things. Especially 20 hour layovers. 

On the other hand, when you have a 20 hour layover in a different country, in a new city you've yet to explore, a layover isn't so bad after all. 

This was the case on our excursion back to the states over Christmas. We decided to take advantage of our long layover and explore the city of Munich, Germany. It turns out Ryan and I fell in love with this city. Not too big, not too small. Clean and easy to get around. Full of beautiful architecture, history, German markets and of course shopping.

We always feel there is never enough time to see and fully explore each city we visit. But here are a few of my favorite snapshots while taking a little walking tour.

Below is a major landmark in Munich; The Frauenkirche.

The famous Glockenspiel in Munich. Each day at 11 am it chimes and re-enacts two stories from the 16th century. 


Inside St. Peter's Cathedral. One of the oldest churches in Munich.

More Markets with St. Peters Cathedral in the background.

One of the most famous beer halls in the world is located in Munich. 

 We thoroughly enjoyed our quick tour of Munich, but wished we had the time to discover more of it.  However, we were quite anxious to get on the plane and head back home to California for Christmas.

Below are some highlights of our short time together in California.

 Spending precious family time at the cabin in Big Bear. 

Uncle Ryan giving Lexi sled rides down the hill....

Papa reading bible stories and Lexi intently listening....

Family picture taking...

Opening Christmas gifts....

 Warming up by the fire with Papa....

Being showered with love by close family....

Cutest cake everrrr....

 Enjoying these little pumpkins on Christmas morning....

 Celebrating with Minnie Mouse on Lexi's 3rd Birthday....

Ryan and I treasured this trip for many reasons. It was a huge blessing to be with family over the holidays and we were so very grateful for the time spent with my side of the family this year. It was a wonderful time of catching up with old friends, eating lots of cake and Christmas cookies, cheering on college and high school Alma-maters, and baby-crafting with my talented mom. I couldn't have been more blessed!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Little Cabbage Patch

Our little cabbage is finally making her presence known. I'm gradually seeing this bump of mine expand and people are starting to notice I'm pregnant now. These photos were taken at 29 weeks but today I finish up my 30th week. It feels so good to finally see that first number change after so long. Although I can't complain, this pregnancy has flown by quicker than I expected. Only 10ish weeks left!

-My bellybutton has officially popped which helped me discover a freckle I never knew I had:)

-Many women talk about how their stomachs get itchy because their skin begins to stretch. Hasn't happened to me. Instead, my upper back has decided to itch. Like CRAZY. I probably look like a monkey half the day trying to scratch it.

-Improvisation is becoming my mantra when it comes to dressing this cabbage bump. Hair ties are my jeans best friends. I'm trying to make it the rest of the way without buying maternity pants. Fingers crossed! 

-Fatigue is making it's delightful return this semester.

-Bending over is quite difficult as of late. Putting socks and shoes on has never been so much work and always leaves me breathless.

-We've had several challenges communicating different issues of pregnancy to doctors, nurses and pharmacies this last month. I've walked out the pharmacy door in tears after using the extent of my French vocabulary and finally giving up. If there is one thing I continue to learn through this process it's that God is gracious and always faithful. So many people from our church have offered their help; some of which are people we've only met once and hardly know. They have tremendous hearts and I am deeply humbled by them. After walking out the pharmacy door in tears, God forced me to go beyond my comfort zone, pick up the phone, call a lady I only met the night before and finally ask for help. She jumped at the opportunity. Problem solved. I've realized my own lack of giving myself selflessly to others around me. And like I said, it's quite humbling.

-And my sweet, sweet husband has given himself more than anyone I know. I'm so incredibly thankful for him and couldn't do a moment of any of this without him. Thanks babe! xxx