Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Home Game

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to write you guys a quick note to keep you updated on life in Western Australia and basketball.

Stacy and I have continued to keep busy with work, training, and meeting new people.  Stacy has started work at the local surf shop in "the mall" (the main street with all the shops, not really like an American Mall), and she is enjoying her time there.  She ended her work at the nursing home; the surf shop will be a more chill job, and she is enjoying doing some of the displays for the store and whatnot.  My work is also going good.  I am currently working on the Buccs website and am hoping to have that up this week sometime.  The address is, so be on the look out for that.  I am enjoying doing that part of the job, I just recently oversaw the production of the game programs for our first home game last night.  They came out pretty well, maybe i'll try and email a few copies to some of you guys.

The team has gotten off to a good start.  We are 3-0.  The team is looking better each week as we get to know each other more and more.  We are looking forward to some new additions to our team too.  This week a 7 foot Aussie big man arrived who is planning on playing with us.  He actually was drafted by the Boston Celtics and played about 15 years in the top league over here, so obviously that should strengthen the depth of our team.  Also another American (also has Aussie citizenship)  will join the team as well.  He is just working out his work schedule, but he will ad really good depth to the guard spots.  So as we get into the heart of our schedule and start facing some of the better teams, we are glad to have some extra help.

Last night's home game was really fun.  Its a crazy atmosphere here, probably the best in the league.  We usually get about 500-800 fans at a home game, can get up to 1000.  Its a good time for everyone and it is great for the team.  I've been playing well.  The Lord has been really good.  I actually scored 47 points last night which is my career high ever.  I am amazed at what the Lord is doing over here so far through basketball.  I don't think scoring 40 points each game will be the normal but I am looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for me and my team this season.

well there is a bit of an update.  Its been hot here so far and hasn't rained at all.  Should start cooling down a little and we should get a little rain coming up as it heads into our winter here.  Everything will be green!!  Stacy apologizes for not bringing our camera last night to the game to get some photos.  She will get some next week.  IN the meantime maybe we can get some more shots around town and put them on.

Love and miss you all.


Friday, March 5, 2010

A Month in Geraldton

" Be Holy for I AM Holy." 

    This past week was an awakening experience for the both of us and it showed us how we need to live our lives for Christ on a day to day basis. To be holy means to be set apart. In both of our minds, without saying anything to each other, we felt this was our theme for the week.  There were challenges that we both faced that put us in obvious right and wrong situations; easier for us to discern. But we also realized  that on a daily basis there won't always be a huge separation in discernment. As Ryan and I discussed later in the week, living as witnesses for Christ in the small random acts of kindness may not immediately catch the attention of others. It is through a LIFESTYLE of obedience and faithfulness to Christ that they will see something different in us. Consequently, we have the dream opportunity to show our obedience to Christ  every day in our time at work, with our roommates, with basketball and other activities.

Ryan had a pre-season tournament down in Perth last weekend. The team was able to play four games in two days against league competition. They won 2 out of the 4 games. Ryan averaged about 21 points per game. Considering they only had like one practice as a team before the tournament the team didn't do too bad. There are obviously some kinks that need to be ironed out before the season starts, but I think they will do well. 

    Both of our jobs are continually doing well and we are both staying busy with much work each day. It is nice because it makes the days go faster. For Ryan's job he is almost finished with the Bucc's website and it should be up and running within a week or so. The address will be Our jobs have both given us the opportunity to meet some people that we can spend time with. It gives us some family away from home besides the Buccs. My boss has been particularly welcoming to the both of us and her daughter and soon to be son-in-law both work with Ryan. Each of them have invited us over for dinner several times; they have taken good care of us. 

    While Ryan is trying to stay fit with basketball, I've been invited to do a Triathlon and to play in a season of Netball. I've never seen or played Netball in my life so we will see how it goes. Apparently there are no backboards and no dribbling. Might be fun:) 

Anyways we miss you all and we always love to hear from you whether its facebook, email, or skype!