Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doing It All Over Again

We get to do this all over again. 

We get to live in France for another year. We get to watch and play another basketball season.
 We get to bring home another precious souvenir. 

But this time around it will be a different.

Different city. Different basketball team. Different doctors. 

Two kids instead of one. A baby BOY instead of a baby girl. 

Here' how we found out. 

I wanted pancakes. It's what I miss most overseas (even though I know I can make it myself, it just isn't the same). So it was blueberries vs. strawberries as a topping. We were home with Ryan's family and we gave our secret note to Ryan's younger brother and he topped the yummy pancakes his mom made. He was able to capture our reactions on camera while we closed our eyes and waited for the surprise. 

And it was blueberries. We figured it out beforehand because Vera is obsessed with strawberries and didn't reach for the blueberries while our eyes were closed. 

We couldn't be more thrilled and thankful for another sweet gift from the Lord! 

For those of you who want to know, this weekend I'll be halfway pregnant. Though my belly doesn't show it, I'll be 20 weeks. Somedays I forget I'm pregnant. My symptoms are minimal. My tummy is growing slowly. And my 1.5 yr old keeps me preoccupied. 

For the others that want to know, we are now living in Vichy, France. A small city located in the middle of France. We are living high in the sky on the 17th floor of a 20 story building. We've been here two weeks and already love the city.