Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

.....This post is about two weeks too late but better late than never I guess!

I hope you all had a festive Thanksgiving with friends and family! This is one of Stacy and my favorite days of the year! Besides all the great food it reminds us of all the physical blessings we have as well as the blessing we have through Christ!  Truly a great reminder for all!

Our Thanksgiving started on Wednesday the 24th (because we both had practice late on the 25th) with a traditional dinner at our home in Leicester; just the two of us.  Stacy made a great meal...  It had a little bit of everything in it!  We had turkey of course...a traditional American necessity and then we added some English and Australian flare to the meal.  As a side Stacy made cheesy cauliflower, which is a part of traditional Australian meals and also made Yorkshire Pudding, which is part of traditional English meals.  To top off the goodness, she also took one favorite recipe from the Zamroz household (fruit pizza) and one from the Nanninga household (creamy cheesy potatoes), which also added to the variety of food.  It was a meal specifically tailored to us and it was great to start somewhat of our own traditions on this holiday.


To make the the holiday even more enjoyable snow came our way for about a week and a half.  It was the earliest snowfall that Britain has received in over 17 years.  Our kitten, Zulu, especially enjoyed the snowfall.  She got her daily exercise for the week by chasing the snowflakes through our glass doors trying to catch them as they fell to the ground.

The next morning (Thursday 25th) we drove down to Milton Keynes (about and hour away) to enjoy a Thanksgiving Brunch with the Craig and Amanda Owen. As mentioned before, Amanda is a friend from Church in good old Pennsylvania who married an Englishman and now lives out here close to us.  Even though they were to entertain guests later in the day, they so graciously allowed us to join them for bunch and we had a great time visiting with them.

Now Stacy has the Christmas music on full blast around the house and we are excited for Christmas which is rapidly approaching!  We are anxious to travel home to Pennsylvania for the holidays and spend about a week and a half there relaxing and seeing friends and family.  Then from there we travel to Belfast, Ireland over New Years to visit our friends Johnny and Jenny McLaughlin.  Its going to be brilliant (as the British would say)!

God Bless and look forward to seeing some of you very soon!

With Love,