Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Today Ryan had the day off so we decided to meander around a small village close by called Charroux.

Once a fortified medieval village, it is now famous for its mustard that is used by several great chefs and exported around the world. We were able to purchase some of the mustards. If you like spicy mustard, these three will definitely clear out the sinuses.

We also picked up some delectable smelling candles. I can't handle the yummy goodness of this Myrtille (blueberry) candle. 

Days are so much better when he's around. She can't get enough of her Dad. Her face on the last one says it all. 

Someday we will look back on these pictures together and we can remind her that these cobblestone streets and vine covered walls were once her playground.

25 weeks have gone by with this little boy inside me. Each week I have to pray for a little more patience as they seem to go by slowly. I feel like this boy bump should fully grown by now, but in reality, I'm actually ahead of the game in comparison with Vera's pregnancy. I'm feeling great and I hardly feel pregnant, except for the little flutters and kicks going on behind my belly button. They are the sweet reminders to me of God's grace and handiwork. It's amazing and quite comforting to me that God already knows and is sovereign over his little life even before he is born. He knows him by name, and we don't even have a name picked out. :/ ...any suggestions?