Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Next Stop: Sweden

Fasten your seat-belts cuz we're heading to Sweden!
Both Ryan and I recently signed a contract to play basketball in Sweden. 

I know RYan will do great just like he always does, but as for me, I haven't fully put my head around the thought of playing seriously again. To be honest, it makes me extremely nervous. And to be even more honest, it brings about many fears. But one thing God has taught me through this lifestyle is that being comfortable is not what grows a follower of Christ. These last two years God has stretched me out of my comfort zone more than any other point in my life. Each new place we go we have to discover a new city, find a new church, make new friends, learn our way around a new grocery store and figure out a new culture or way of life.  I hate change, yet somehow it's the story of my life and I LOVE it. 

In my "uncomfortableness" I've learned that my only comfort is in Christ no matter where I am in the world. His Word is the same in Sweden as it is in America and that's all I need. So why do I fear? I think God chose this lifestyle for me for exactly that reason: To humble myself and not fear men and teach me to trust in His grace and promises.

"What is my only comfort in life and death? That I am not my own, but belong, both body and soul, to my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ."

I now have a new opportunity to use basketball - something so comfortable to me - to stretch me in my walk with the Lord as I meet new players and face new challenges on and off the court. Both Ryan and I are thankful for the new set of open doors we might have to share the gospel in a place where the Word of God is lacking. 

We will keep you updated with our Swede Story upon our arrival in Sweden around September. Until then I will probably lay low for the summer months in terms of blogging.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!