Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to England!

Hello from England!

Well we've made it! Our flight to London went relatively smooth and quick. After we landed things didn't go as quick. We were told that once we made it through immigration there would be a driver waiting for us carrying a sign with "ZAMROZ" on it.  

We made it through immigration and saw hundreds of drivers carrying signs but none had "ZAMROZ" on it. Here we were in the biggest airport I've seen with no phones and no numbers to contact anyone or English money if we had a phone. After what seemed like forever of walking up and down the terminal --searching for what I imagined in my head, an English man in a suit and funny hat driving an old-fashioned taxi like the movies-- we finally found an internet station where we could get ahold of someone over email. 

An hour and a half later we realized our driver was at Terminal 3 while we were waiting in Terminal 5. So, with our home/life in a cartload of suitcases we raced down the terminal to catch the train to take us to Terminal 3. We roll up the ramp thrilled to see a little man carrying a sign with our name on it...although a bit disappointed for he was nothing like I imagined:)

We arrived at our lovely apartment nearly two hours later. Since then we have settled in very nicely. 

Because we haven't received our car yet our days have consisted mostly of cleaning and getting settled in our home, taking walks down the street to the Birstall shops and taking bus trips into Leicester city. Our neighborhood is quite new and very English:) the roofs are tall and slanted just like in Peter Pan, and the roads are curvy and narrow with tiny little cars. I imagine our car will be similar when we receive it. The club likes to give the players a few days to adjust to driving on the wrong side of the road, especially with stick shift. Although we drove on the left side in Australia it should still be interesting as we haven't tried stick shift. 

Ryan has had several practices with his team and has thoroughly enjoyed jumping right in with the new guys and looks forward to playing full-time this season. I get to meet my team for the first time tomorrow at our practice. I'm looking forward to meeting some new girls and trying to get involved right away as well. We both have tournaments this weekend; Ryan's games are home and I will be traveling to not sure where yet. Hopefully next week I'll get to interview for a job at the hotel; one of the club's sponsors.  

By the way, I just wanted to congratulate my hubby for winning MVP in the SBL in AUSTRALIA! Great Job Babe!

Like I mentioned before, things are settling in very nicely here in Leicester and we look forward to telling you more about our great experiences in the future! We always covet your prayers as it is not always easy being away from home and as we begin a new adventure may we be a shining light to those we come in contact with. We are once again thrilled for what God has planned for us here and we thank Him for His provision and grace in these special opportunities.

Love you and miss you all!!!! 


PS. our new address is:
1 Brook Furlong Birstall
Leicester, UK LE4 3LU

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