Wednesday, November 3, 2010

International Markets Come to Leicester

This past weekend Leicester had International Markets through the streets of downtown. So after church on Sunday we decided to head towards the city and see what we could find at the markets. Although it was cloudy and a bit muggy, the atmosphere was quite festive. There were hundreds of venders and each came from different countries in Europe and around the world. Many of them have restaurants in Leicester as well. It goes to show you how diverse the city of Leicester actually is.

Ryan and I spent some time walking to each vendor taste testing all they had to offer. They had food like Italian pastries, Mediterranean olives and peppers, Turkish delight, and Polish sausages to name a few.


One of Ryan's requests for dinner when we visit my home in CA is bratwurst. The kind of Bratwurst you get at the grocery store. Well here at the International Markets they had Bratwurst on the grill made from real German hands:) When Ryan saw that he couldn't bare the thought of turning it down. So we thought we would for-go our packed lunches and grab a couple tasty Bratwurst. 

As we continued to walk down the street I spotted from a distance a bright yellow sign that read "Dutch Oliebollen." Now this was something I  couldn't turn down and since Ryan had never tried Oliebollen before we gave in and ate Oliebollen for desert! Finally our stomachs were satisfied:) 

We made our way through the rest of the Market and enjoyed all that we saw! Here are a few pictures. Before we made our way to the markets Ryan and I stopped at a nearby neighborhood so you'll find some extra pictures along with our trip to the markets. In this neighborhood we found two very large, beautiful churches. They were both old and gothic looking. Hope you find those pictures interesting as well as well as the market pictures. You'll also see all the fun fall leaves on the trees! The colors are really starting to change here and its beautiful!!!


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