Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scandinavia Sights

So sorry that it took so long to get this post out of my visit with my parents. My mom and I took nearly 1500 photos so it made it hard to narrow them down for the blog. It is a bit long with all the photos but I hope you look through all of them to see the beauty of God's creation. It was one of those trips that left you in awe. 
But first, I want to thank my parents for coming out and spending time with us and letting us tag along to see all the amazing sights. 
I have a very deep passion for traveling. Some of it has grown in recent years thanks to my hubby's amazing job overseas, but ultimately I give the credit to my dad, the greatest explorer of all. As kids, he and my mom took us on adventures every summer or often would surprise us for Sunday afternoon trips to the mountains. I look back at my childhood memories of traveling and think of how incredibly blessed and spoiled I was to see all that I did at such a young age. Yet I still feel that I've hardly scratched the surface and start to panic when I think of all the places I long to see but may never see.
 Traveling will always be my greatest of memories with my dad. Every adventure we take has to be fully embraced and experienced otherwise it isn't done right. He is a walking encyclopedia and will always make sure we see the oldest, newest, highest, lowest, and furthest of sights.  We can't leave without making sure we touch our feet in every new body of water we come across, count all the stairs in the tallest cathedral, stop and take a picture of the sign when we reach a new country, or enter a new state without knowing the state bird or seeing the state capitol building. 
I cannot thank my dad enough for showing the world to me and more importantly through it the God who created it. 
Thanks DAD, I love you !

Enjoy all the photos . . .  

The sunset in Copenhagen the night my parents arrived.

This is Christiana. It is a very interesting tourist attraction in Copenhagen. Read more about it here:

The best Danish pastries in Denmark, in the town Farum . . . YUMMM

 Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark.

A beautiful church in Jonkopping

Our day in Gothenburg

The stance my dad is usually in when sightseeing. Reading the map and making sure we are going in the right direction:)

Our fun day in Stockholm

Old town Stockholm

 So excited for our bus and boat tour!!! It was awesome and it gave us a fantastic view of all of Stockholm

Greetings from Stockholm!

Ryan had to go back to Boras for practice while my parents and I continued on to Norway . . .

Beautiful architecture

Trondheim, Norway and everything in between . . .

Alesund, Norway

Tunnels are everywhere!

This picture was immediately what we saw when passing through the tunnel. It was a moment I had been waiting for. The glorious moment when you hear angels singing in your head because of the striking beauty ! It was incredibe, I'll never forget that view!

The town Hellesylt. We stayed the night here along the fjords.
The view from our Hotel

Stopping along the way to snap the sights...

Another beautiful sight where the water was so calm you could see everything in it's reflection.

To get this view we had to drive up the windiest, narrowest, scariest road. But it was worth it because on the other side of this mountain the world was covered in so much snow:) As you can see it is above my head . . .
Driving along...

1994 Winter Olympics

Showing us the ski slopes :)

Holding the torch!

The beginning of our bus tour in Oslo.
Entering Frogner Park, famous for its' sculptures . . .

The Oslo Opera House with its' incredible modern architecture.
 Hope you enjoyed all the photos of our amazing trip ! !

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