Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bell Peppers and Answered Prayers

I am now finished with my 18th week. At times this process seems to fly by in the blink of an eye, yet there are moments I daydream of when this little bell pepper is here and it doesn't seem to go fast enough.

Sorry this post is a bit long but we haven't given any updates in a while. So here we are filling you in.

For me, week 18 marked many milestones. Not just for the pregnancy, but also for our time in France. Prayers were answered and hearts were encouraged. Both for Ryan and myself.

We've found a church. We aren't sure if it is the church we will attend for the rest of our time in France, but each time we do attend we are welcomed by warm hearts that love the Lord. Last Sunday, while Ryan was coming back from his game up north in Blois,  I was invited to a couple's house for lunch after the service. The husband was a former English teacher and the wife speaks great English as well. I was so encouraged by their hospitality and their eagerness to make sure Ryan and I are well taken care of here. It still amazes me, after experiencing it in all the previous countries, how faith in Christ can bond strangers instantly. After a rough week 17 this was a huge answer to prayer.

A second milestone was the big Sorgues Basket Club win! After losing their first 4 games of the season, the team finally pulled off a win.  Ryan came out firing on all cylinders, hardly missing in the first half and finishing with 26 points and 4 assists.  Discouraged by his personal play in previous games, this was also an answer to prayer.

Following the game, we were invited to Ryan's teammate and wife's house for dinner. Ryan's really connected with Julien so far on and off the court and I seemed to be getting along great with Priscilla. We realized we had much in common with this sweet couple when we looked at the clock and read it was 4 o'clock in the morning. Moreover, through our many conversations, we discovered they were believers. When I heard those words I nearly cried. I had been praying for friendships. To meet other women my age. Not just other believers, but someone I could just chat with. Someone that spoke English. God just seemed to plop this one right in my lap. Another answered prayer.

Week 18 also marked the first time I felt this little bell pepper move inside me. There aren't exactly words to describe it. Maybe incredible and bizarre might be the closest. It is so incredible to feel a living being moving inside you, yet it is so bizarre to know a living being is moving inside you. All I can really say is I am crazy thankful for this little miracle and can't wait to meet him/her soon.

--I'm starting to see a little bump. It's small but it's there I promise. I'm still getting used to my husband saying "Your belly looks like it is growing." I take it as a compliment:)

--I've been feeling great. Like practically normal since I found out I was pregnant. Morning sickness happened maybe 2-3 times. I'm so very thankful because homesickness on top of morning sickness isn't a good combo.

--No cravings yet. Although Ryan thinks I crave something sweet all the time. Little does he know that I craved something sweet all the time even before I was pregnant. But that's one of the joys of blaming things on pregnancy:)

--So far two women have rubbed my belly and have spoken French monologues to me. I just smile and nod and warmly welcome it.

--Apparently now is the time a baby in the womb can hear sounds from outside. My stomach now gets a daily serenade from the hubby. I particularly felt the most movement of our little one during Ryan's last game.  The cheers from the crowd and the banging of loud drums caused the baby to start some clapping and cheering of it's own for his/her daddy.  Another little basketball player????

--I had my 18 week appointment last Friday. The doc said everything looks perfect and healthy. Another answered prayer!


  1. Absolutely adorable. Love the ongoing food theme with the baby (obviously).

    I'm curious to know how your pregnancy experience (as far as doctors go)is in a foreign country! I'm completely intrigued with their health care over there. Perhaps a blog on that?

    Very, very happy to hear that prayers are being answered. You guys are so inspirational :)


    1. Thanks Melissa, Yea it is interesting and I've been really impressed by how things have gone at my appointments so far. I will definitely write a post on some of the differences I've noticed although I don't have much to compare it to:) but stay tuned:)!

  2. You're cute! Don't you know the sex yet?!?!?!?! Are you finding out? Are you telling the world or keeping it between you? I love hearing what people are having!