Sunday, February 24, 2013

Honeydew Come Soon, Please!

I finished up week 36 yesterday and today I am officially FULL TERM! 

Looking back each week has quickly come and gone, yet looking ahead the days and weeks seem to take longer as we anticipate meeting our little honeydew.

She seems a bit too comfortable in her little home, but that is not the case for me. Restless legs and sleepless nights are becoming more of an occurrence as of late. It is funny how God prepares you for those sleepless nights once the baby arrives.

I'm feeling rather plump these days and I am looking forward to exercising again. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened lately the last several weeks because I've been nearly bedridden due to a torn/pulled ligament in my rib that wasn't healing. I made a few trips to the physical therapist this week and yesterday was the first day I could stand more than five minutes without intense pain- a pain that's lasted since the beginning of December. A huge answer to prayer.

Impatience is setting in for both Ryan and I. We are anxious to meet our Fifille!
 ("little girl" in French; pronounced: Fee-Fee...since some of you were wondering)
Ryan keeps making deals with her, telling her if she comes soon he'll buy her pink nail polish. We will see how it goes I guess. She's already got him wrapped around her finger.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine having a baby in another country; particularly in a country I couldn't speak the language. There have been a lot of "unknowns" in this process, but God continues to calm my anxious heart as He answers prayers and provides for our needs in countless ways. In this final trimester, He has replaced my biggest fears and is continually producing a heart overflowing with thankfulness. This may never have been part of my plan or expectation, but I must say God's plan is WAY better than my own. I wouldn't change this experience for anything!


  1. Beautiful! You look like a model, and I am so happy for you friend :)

    Loving your sweet blog.


  2. Love it! Can't wait to meet her too! :)

  3. Loved reading this post! Tim and I will be praying for you and Ryan as you anticipate/prepare for the arrival of this little one! So thrilled for you both.

  4. So sorry to hear that you've been experiencing such pain, Stacy! We'll definitely add some prayers in for your healing and comfort. You must create such a nice little home that your little girl isn't quite ready to leave yet. :) We cannot wait to meet her and catch up with you guys in PA this summer!

  5. Hi Stacy and Ryan,

    Your blog just warms our hearts, makes us smile as we follow your adventures. Thank you for sharing with us all! God remains hard at work with the anticipation of the arrival of your precious little girl! Glad you're feeling a little better Stacy. Love and prayers your way!

    Mrs. D