Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life Lately

After taking the summer off in the States, updates are back on the blog. 

We are back in France as the new season begins. New town. New team. New people. New language (sort of). It is always an adjustment, but always an adventure and this time around we have an addition. Life continues to get more interesting!

So here is a recap....

About a week before heading to America from France we spontaneously decided two nights before to buy tickets to Ireland and visit our friends Johnny and Jenny McClaughlin and their 2 little ones.

Little Maisie and Vera, 4 days apart.

Giant's Causeway

 the history of Belfast

After getting back from Ireland, we packed up our house in France and headed home to California two days later to visit my family.

We were showered with love the first day home,

 saw dear friends, Brian and Stacie Jeanjaquet, for a fun day at Disneyland,

introduced Vera to America's greatest holiday at the parade,

explored the aquarium with sweet little cousins,

met our newest nephew Oliver and snapped a few shots of him and sweet brother Caleb.

and celebrated his birth with the family

touched toes in the Pacific Ocean,

...and the Atlantic,

spent quality time with family,

shared a soda at Pops on route 66,

gained a new sister,

aaaand enjoyed a delightful breakfast with Vera and Vera at Vera's Country Cafe.

This summer was full of time with family and friends. One thing we do know and are continually reminded of each time we come home is that we are blessed beyond belief.

Vera is now 5 1/2 months. Our lives are overwhelmingly full with her around.

She has been on 11 different flights, 4 of them international.  Quite the little traveler I'd say. She loves to jibber jabber all the time and is extremely active! It won't be long before she is crawling and all over the place.

We are back in Vera's birth country and feeling welcome and at home already. I hope to share a bit on our new little town and the time we've spent here in the next few days.


  1. Welcome "Saint-Vallier (little) city" ! :-)

  2. Loved your blog and photos. Hope to see you soon. Warmly, Vera's Country Cafe