Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Melbourne Hall

Ryan and I have been attending a beautiful church in the center of Leicester. Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church is very unique as it is placed in the center of a heavily populated Muslim community. Driving to get there you feel out of place but once you step in to the church you are among fellow believers and you begin to feel right at home.

Each time we attend we are warmly welcomed by members of the church and our Pastor and his wife; Pastor Paul Bassett and Avril. We are thankful to be under his great teaching and we feel refreshed each time we come. He told us when he first became a believer he was mentored by Martin Lloyd Jones, a man who has had large influence in evangelical Christianity today.

Melbourne Hall is said to be one of the oldest EV-Free churches in Leicester, being 130 years old. The inside is so beautiful so I wanted to take a picture to show you what it looks like. 

The church was built by Dr. FB Meyer. Meyer wanted to building to designed in the shape of a lantern to signify the desire to bring the light of the good news of salvation in Jesus to people in Leicester. 

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